TURNKEY EPC PROJECTS IRICO provides the engineering, erection as well as  maintenance services, taking also care of procurement,  inspection, test and certification of the supplied  installations. A project coordinator will follow your job to satisfy your  specific exigencies. Our technicians will size the system and  the equipment through professional software in order to  maximize the  energy efficiency. Our highly qualified   personnel will  install your  systems in  workmanlike way  following the  required  international rules. If required, our  maintenance  service will take  care of the  efficiency of your systems. SINCE 1956 WE TAKE CARE ABOUT YOUR COMFORT AND YOUR HEALTH   Engineeing Procurement Construction   (HVAC) systems Plumbing Waste waters Sanitary fixture Fire-fighting systems Solar Water Heating Automation, Control and Supervision (BMS)Ground Source Heat Pumps Cogeneration & Trigeneration